Credit Card Response Codes

Credit card status codes

In all cases where the response code requires the card holder to contact the issuing bank, to assist in the enquiry you will need the date and amount of the attempted transaction which failed and also why the bank returned that status for the failed transaction. Alternatively the issuing bank employee may check the available funds on the card. If you receive a numeric status code other than those listed in this section, you should check that the card details are correct. If they are, ask the card holder for an alternative credit card. If this still does not resolve the problem, the card holder should contact their issuing bank. If you receive a status code starting with Q that you do not understand, you should contact us with the transaction details.

Response Code Description
00 Approved
01 Refer to card issuer
03 Invalid merchant
04 Pickup Card
05 Do not honour
08 Honour with identification
12 Invalid transaction
14 Invalid card number (no such number)
22 Suspected Malfunction
34 Suspected fraud
42 No Universal Account
51 Not sufficient funds
54 Expired Card
61 Exceeds withdrawal amount limits
91 Issuer or switch is inoperative
92 Financial institution or intermediate network facility cannot be found for routing
QA Invalid Parameters
QI Transaction incomplete
QQ Invalid Card
QY Card Type not accepted
Note: There are no response codes specific to card verification number mismatches. This is because no financial institutions in Australia currently return any such information if declining a transaction.